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Cash Flow Detail

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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Add Schedule

Click this box to set the function in the mode to add to the schedule.

A user with add-rights for this function will be allowed to add additional cash flow schedules. Only requisitions with a status of Released or In process can be scheduled for payment.

Even so, if the agreement has already expired, no more schedules can be added.

hmtoggle_plus1Cash Flow Detail

This tab serves as an extension of the Requisition function.

A Requisition, such a Service requisition, where services, rental or leasing is involved, contains the sponsoring account or project node, the approved amount, agreement number and agreement end date.


This function provides functionality to:

-                Select a requisition and schedule the expected cash flow (payments) by breaking down the approved amount into detail anticipated scheduled dates and amounts.

-                Confirm the dates and amounts as the actual expenses occur where the amounts and dates are not fixed as may be the case for rentals or lease agreements.

-                Exercise the option to specify that re-curing payments such as rental or lease agreements, telephone- or electricity accounts must apply self-billing (auto-invoicing).

-                Cross-reference auto-created invoices via the "self-billing" concept to actual invoice numbers or statements received from the Supplier.

-                Specify the settlement terms, tax codes and tax exempt details to be applied for invoicing.


If requisition selected, the following data is displayed:

Status (from Requisition)

Type (from requisition)

Description (from requisition)

Amount (from Requisition Required amount)

Agreement No (from Service requisition  Agreement)

End date (from Service requisition  Agreement End Date)

Payment currency (from Service requisition Payment currency)

Buyer (from Service requisition  Buyer)

Supplier (from Service requisition Organization code)

Beneficiary (from Service requisition  Beneficiary)


Once a requisition is selected, the existing detail will be displayed in the grid.

If "Add schedule" is clicked, the grid will enable rows for adding to the schedule.

To change data for a row, click "select", which will enable the row for editing. Take note that if the row already has Auto-invoice details, values for settlement terms, tax, dates, amounts and confirmation can no longer be changed.


Once a scheduled payment has been confirmed and set for auto-invoicing, it will appear on the 1st tab if "Auto invoicing mode" has been selected.


To delete a row, select the "delete" option.

Delete will not be permitted if the row has already been auto-invoiced.


Built-in checks and balances exist to ensure that the cumulative scheduled amounts cannot exceed the approved value of the Requisition and that scheduled dates do not exceed the agreement end date.


The function will display the cumulative amount and will display the amounts in both the base and foreign currency where applicable.