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Summary And Advanced Payments

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This tab gives you the summary of the invoices as well as the payments already done.


Select the icons to read more:

hmtoggle_plus1Advance Payments To Date-1

The List Only Includes Invoices For Advance Payments And Credits Where The Link Class Identifies The Credit As A Credit For Previous Advances Invoiced.


The list has a net value (sum) for all the transaction listed.


The detail displayed in the list is:

Date/time (The exact timestamp of the invoice line link capture date)

Invoice (The applicable Invoice or Credit note number)

Total price (The total amount of the advance payment link in the base currency)

Tax amount (The tax amount in the base currency, although normally not applicable to advance payments)

Total value (The sum of the total price and tax amount in the base currency)

Type of link (The type of invoice link, either advance payment or credit)

Invoice status (The current status of the Invoice/Credit Note. Those not yet print-approved or printed, will not yet have associated journals posted to the general ledger.

hmtoggle_plus1All Lines For Order-1

This Check Box Governs The Display Of The Invoices And Credits Displayed In The "advance Payments To Date" List View.If UN-checked, it only displays advance payments associated with the specific sales order line.

If checked, it displays all advance payments and credits associated with the Sales order, irrespective of the line number.

hmtoggle_plus1Summary (Excl Tax)

It displays both the total value of Invoices and credit notes (irrespective of Invoice status) as well as separate value for those Invoices and credit notes already print-approved or printed (where the revenue has been posted in the GL).