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Search results

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This tab displays the search results as per criteria/filters specified via the Part on hold criteria tab.


If no filters have been specified, all history for all parts will be displayed in the results.


The results displayed in the list are as follows:


Part number (the part number for which history/status is displayed)


Part's description (the description of the part as from it's Part Master record)


Part's source (the source code of the part as from it's Part Master record to display whether the part is purchased, manufactured, subcontracted etc.)


Status (a check box in the list that displays whether the history record placed the part on-hold or lifted the on-hold status. If checked, it shows an event that placed the part on hold).


Change date (the date that the history record was captured)


Reason code's description (the reason for the part being placed on-hold or for the on-hold status to be lifted).


Estimated resolution date (the date as estimated for solving the problem that initiated a part to be placed on-hold).


Initiator (the name of the person that initiated and requested the part to be placed on-hold)


Performer (the name of the person that captured the history record)


Comments (comments that were entered for additional information or instructions)