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Shortage Check

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This function aids the Planner of an order to determine the feasibility of releasing a specific order for execution.


When a specific order line is selected, the screen is populated with default settings that represent the normal view for shortage checking.


Settings on the "Settings" tab can be changed with regards to the requirements, replenishments, stock taken into account and the deliver to operations included from the orders requirements.  The user also has the ability to move the order in or out by a number of days (-90 to 90) in order to simulate the situation if the order was moved by the specified number of days.


The Shortage Check is executed by clicking on the "Shortages" tab.  Any parts required for the selected order which are in short supply, will be listed.  The sort order of the components needed, can also be set from the "Settings" tab by choosing from the "Order Shortages By" buttons.  The part picture can also be called for a part clicked on.



The user must have a security profile linked to the function Shortage Check with an access allowed of Inquire.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Line Number

It is populated with line number a completion date, part number, and the description from the Order Line and Part Master tables where:    


The line exists as an Order line with the selected order number and type,

The status is Firm "F", Planned "P", Released "R" or Quotation "Q" (not Closed "C").

The Line type is not equal to Stock or Non Stock.                


The number of characters to be entered before the list is shown is governed by the value of "populate length" (mandatory).


The order number, along with the line number and completion dateforms a unique identifier relating to the order line.

hmtoggle_plus1Order Master

It is populated with the order number and order type from the Order Master table where the order type is a Customer Order, Production, Repair, Modification, Transfer or Purchase order.


These order types populated, can all have requirements against which shortage checking can be performed.


The number of characters to be entered before the list is shown is governed by the value of "populate length" (mandatory).