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Status Authorization

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This tab allows the user to decide who may record the consumption data and who may change the statuses of this data.

It allows the changes for each status to be made either BY : employee id (per person), profile or role within certain tables.

The changes may be made FOR all (if blank) or specified sub regions, product codes or measurement types.

The system has predefined roles and tables namely : External Organisation’s Creditors Clerk, Location Master’s Location Quality Employee or Location Responsible Person, Part Master’s Quality Controller, Product Master’s Product Manager or Product Administrator. These predefined roles are held in the Consumption_Role table.


A user has no access to the Consumption Master function if they do not appear somewhere with some status option on the Consumption Status Authorization function. The Consumption Reminder function  - specifically the Consumption Reminder Employee tab, allows the user the option to display all users that have been granted some status access on the Consumption Status Authorization function. These users may then be selected easily for specific reminders.


An active column also allows the user to ignore any records for the time being if set to inactive or the record may be deleted.

The Consumption status and then any one of the other fields, with the exception of the Comments field, in the grid, are mandatory.

The relevant table is Consumption_Status_Authorisation.