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License Storage Detail

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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1License Storage Detail Tab

Once a license has been created, this tab is applied to specify the details of all the hazard division codes and quantities to be stored in the applicable store/magazine.


All the linked hazard division codes, max quantities and special notes are displayed in the list.


To add hazard division codes to the selected license, select the applicable hazard code, specify the max quantity and notes (optional) and click the down-arrow to link the details to the license.


To change details or delete a linked hazard code, select the applicable record in the list and proceed with the delete or change the details and click the apply button.


Once the status of a license has progressed, no additions, deletes or changes to the max qty will be permitted.


If an approved license has been captured with incorrect data and the system disallows changes, the solution would be to set the license to "expired" and to capture a new license with the correct data. The same "authorized" license number can be applied for the new license ID.


The system security to add, change and delete on this tab is the same as described for the "License Header" tab.