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It is populated with the division code and division description from the Division table.  If the checkbox "Explode Division" has been checked, only divisions that exists as parent divisions on the Division table will be populated.


In the stock on hand calculation for a Selected Division's stock on hand, all stores belonging to child divisions of the parent Division will be included in the calculation of the on hand quantities.


The sum of the allocated quantity from the Location table (if "Allocated Stock Only" checked), the sum of the (quantity on hand - allocated quantity) from the Location table (if "Quarantine Stock" is checked), or the sum of (quantity on hand - (allocated quantity + quarantine quantity) from the Location table (if "Quarantine Stock" not checked), where:


The stock status on the Location table is New "N", Repaired "R", Used "U", or Awaiting Repair "W" depending on the option the user selected, Allocated Stock and External Organisation Stock are not checked, and The organisation code on the Location table is equal to spaces.


The number of characters to be entered before the list is shown is governed by the value of "populate length" (optional).