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Eis Extraction

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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



The user must have a security profile linked to the function System Configuration with an access allowed of Inquire and the System Configuration EIS Extraction function with an access allowed of Change.




1.  Check that the EIS Extraction task exists in the SQL Server's task list.  If it does not exist, the task will be scheduled.


2.  If Run At/Enabled time differs from the scheduled tasks setting, then the task parameters will be updated.



hmtoggle_plus1Eis Extraction History

Displays the status, last run, duration and message for the scheduled job(s).



It is the completion Status of the scheduled job.  If the task was unsuccessfully completed, the status will be displayed in red.


Last Run

It is the date/time the event was completed, and displays the last date on which the EIS Extraction was executed.  It is sorted in descending order.



Displays the amount of time needed to complete the task.



It is a description of the outcome of the task, if any and is usually error information.


When checked it enables the EIS task to be executed at the selected time.


When unchecked, the task will be displayed in the SQL Enterprise Manager task list, but will not be scheduled to be executed.


All the selectable options will also disabled.


When the "Refresh" button is clicked, the history list displayed will be refreshed.


Additionally, should the user have change rights, the actual settings for the scheduled task are Synchronized with the Scheduled Jobs table settings (I.E. what was initially shown).  Should the user not have change rights and the actual settings for the scheduled task are not in synchronization with the Scheduled Jobs table settings, an error message will be displayed and the scheduled task will not be synchronized.


The same synchronization action, as described above is also performed when the SQL Backup tab is initially displayed.



Due to the above mentioned synchronization, no changes should be made directly to the scheduled tasks via the SQL Enterprise Manager application other than to add totally unrelated tasks



Tasks that do not perform System backups, log offloads and log transactions OR


Tasks that do not perform System backups, log offloads and log transactions but that do not execute the System_Dump_Database,System_Dump_Transaction_Logs, Log_Transactions, MRP_Main_Control and EIS_Run_Scheduled_Tasks stored procedures.

hmtoggle_plus1Run At

It is the time at which the scheduled job(s) must be run, and can be scheduled any time from 08:00 onwards