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Log Backup

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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



The user must have a security profile linked to the function System Configuration with an access allowed of Inquire and the System Configuration Log Backup function with an access allowed of Change. The "Apply" button is enabled when any of the selectable settings are changed.


When the "Apply" button is clicked, the following is done:


The Scheduled Jobs table is updated and the scheduled task settings will be changed according to the Scheduled Jobs setting.


If the task has not been scheduled previously the task will be scheduled according to the settings in the table.


If the task is actually executing when changing the settings, the execution will continue until completion or an error occurs.




The operating system account under which the System SQL user executes the XP_CMSHELL must have full control to the share where the database is to be dumped.


In the case of NT, pay special attention to the permissions for the share and on the actual directory itself.


The disk space used per database dump may fill up quickly which may cause future dumps to fail.


After successful completion of the task, the files which exceed the number of retention days selected will be deleted.


The removal of SQL Backup and Log Backup files that are past the number of retention days is now only done after a successful SQL Backup has been completed.  Multiple database files can be dumped to the same unc path, as the removal of files is done per database.


Whenever an error occurs during a SQL Backup or Log Backup, mail is sent to the users with change rights to the "SQL Backup" and "Log Backup" screens, informing them of the error(s).  About five errors cannot be trapped programmatically, as SQL Server terminates the running process immediately, for example, when the backup path is not available/accessible.


When checked it enables the dumping of the database logs according to the time / day settings on the Scheduled Jobs table settings.


When not checked, the task will be visible in Enterprise Manager but will not be executed on the selected time(s)/day(s). All the selectable

options will also be disabled.


If you are uncertain about the effect of disabling this task, first contact the System Support before disabling it.

hmtoggle_plus1Frequency (Min)

It is the number of minutes between executions of the task. Valid settings range from 15 minutes up to and including 255 minutes.

hmtoggle_plus1Log Backup History

Displays the status, last run, duration and message for the scheduled job(s).



Is the completion Status of the scheduled job.  If the task was unsuccessfully completed, the status will be displayed in red.


Last Run

Is the date/time the event was completed, and displays the last date on which the LOG Backup was executed.  It is sorted in descending order.



Displays the amount of time needed to complete the task.



Is a description of the outcome of the task, if any and is usually error information.