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Password Settings

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hmtoggle_plus1Password Setting

Login expiry date and new password settings


Login expiry date can be set on user's account by any user that has the 'Login Expiry Date Maintainer' Profile. This will help to ensure that contractors' accounts expire at the end of the applicable period


New password settings have been created in System Configuration function to extend the current password settings.

. Enable Password Setting - That can only be a "0" for "Disabled" and "1" for "Enabled". When enabled will activate the rules of the other three settings.

. Enforce strong password (Password complexity) - That can only be a "0" for "Disabled" and "1" for "Enabled". When enabled enforces based on leading practice to contain:


1.  at least one special character,

2.  one capital letter,

3.  one small letter,

4.  one numeric character,

5.  the password can't contain employee id and employee names


. Number of new unique password to enforce - The password setting that determines the number of unique new passwords that an employee can use before an old password can be reused

. Minimum password length determines the least number of characters a password may contain.


The user must have a security profile "Password Maintainer" with an access allowed of Change to be able to change this settings.