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System Configuration

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The Configuration tab of System Configuration sets up certain database and business rules and also provides multiple options that involve mainly four categories.


Database Administration

A number of fields fall into this category and are applied to control aspects that have bearing on system response time, system load, file paths and other, for example, client thread timeout, MRP allowable run times, maximum simultaneous runs, history archiving etc.


Data Integrity

Many fields, control the minimum and/or maximum values for data such as, Tax percentage, lead times, escalation, trade/settlement discount percentage, labour and overhead rates etc.  These settings are applied throughout the System and guard against user errors that could negatively impact on data integrity.


Default Values

Many fields provide for default settings that are applied throughout the System to lessen the effort of data entry on related functions.  Fields include, for example, defaults for Tax rate, settlement days, base currency and others.


Control Mechanisms

Most fields fall into this category and multiple options are provided to define business rules and the level of control required in certain business areas such as Requisitions, Purchasing, Creditor payment control, Hand Journal posting and others.


The first time the user clicks on either the EIS, MRP Global, SQL Backup, Log Backup or Tran Logging tabs after the System Configuration function has been loaded, the Scheduled Jobs table settings and the actual settings for the scheduled task, are synchronized.


If the user does not have change rights (the setting is "No") an error message will be displayed and the scheduled task is not synchronized.  If the user has change rights (the setting is "Yes") the scheduled task settings will be synchronized with the settings on the table. The history list displayed will also be refreshed.



The user must have a security profile linked to the function System Configuration with an access allowed of Inquire.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



This combo field populates with names of groups that was created in the System Configuration Grouping function. These names are linked to certain options n this tab that can be group together for easy access.


To view all the system setting options this field must be empty or all fields must be linked to the selected Grouping name.