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Transaction Logging

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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



The user must have a security profile linked to the System Configuration function with an access allowed of Inquire and the System Configuration Tran Logging function with an access allowed of Change.


The "Apply" button is enabled when any of the selectable settings are changed.  If you are not certain about the effect of disabling this task, rather contact System support.


When the "Apply" button is clicked, the following updates are performed:


1.  The Scheduled Jobs table is updated and the scheduled task settings will be changed according to the Scheduled Jobs setting.


2.  If the task has not been scheduled previously the task will be scheduled according to the settings in the table.


3. If the task is actually executing when changing the settings, the execution will continue until completion or an error occurs.


When checked it enables the transfer of the accumulated transactions performed to the relevant System history files where the information will be available for viewing to System users.


When not checked, the task will be visible in Enterprise Manager but will not be executed on the selected time(s)/day(s).  All the selectable  options will also be disabled.


Additionally, during the period that is not enabled, accumulation of the system changes will be made.  The "Enabled" check box affords the Database Administrator the opportunity to temporarily disable the logging of database changes.


This may be useful when, for instance, large offline batch updates are to be performed (that you may not necessarily want logged).

hmtoggle_plus1Frequency (Min)

It is the number of minutes between executions of the task. Valid settings range from 10 minutes up to and including 90 minutes.


It is the start time from when the scheduled task must be executed (for the first time) (24hr).

hmtoggle_plus1History Archive Period (Days)

It is the period (days) for which transaction history is to be kept before being archived. Make the necessary changes in the text box in the "Value" column.  This setting can have a value between 7 and 731 days.


Functions referencing this setting include the following:


Transaction History

hmtoggle_plus1Monday To Sunday

These are the selectable days on which the task must be executed.


When these Monday to Sunday check boxes change state or the number of retention days is changed and a valid backup path has been entered, an estimate of the space needed versus the calculated space is displayed in the message bar.


If the space needed is greater than the available space on the share, the message is displayed as an error to attract the users attention.


It is the last time the task may be executed, depending on the frequency selected (24hr).

hmtoggle_plus1Transaction Logging

It is a setting used to specify whether the update transactions, add, change, and delete, are to be logged to the Transaction History table for the purpose of inquiries and data accountability.


Select or deselect this setting by ticking or unticking the check box in the "Value" column.  When ticked (Yes) updated transactions are to be logged to the Transaction History table.


Functions referencing this setting include the following:


Transaction History

hmtoggle_plus1Tran Logging History

Displays the status, last run, duration and message for the scheduled job(s).



Is the completion Status of the scheduled job.  If the task was unsuccessfully completed, the status will be displayed in red.


Last Run

Is the date/time the event was completed, and displays the last date on which the Transaction Logging was executed.  It is sorted in descending order.



Displays the amount of time needed to complete the task.



Is a description of the outcome of the task, if any and is usually error information.

hmtoggle_plus1Transaction Logging History Archive Period

It is the number of days the transactions must be kept in the online history file. Days regarded as valid are between 7, up to and including 731 days (Not implemented yet).