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Business Rules

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1.        The Tax Code may not be spaces.


2.        The Tax Code must be active.


3.        The effective date may not be prior to today's date.


4.        The Tax Variance Range may not be greater than zero if Differential Tax on System Configuration is set to 'No'.


5.        The Tax Percentage plus the Tax Variance Range must be less or equal to the Max Tax Percentage on the System Configuration table.


6.        The description must at least be three characters.


7.        At least the input or output checkbox (or both) must be checked.


8.        Only allow Delete if no record exists for the Tax Code in the following tables:


Bank Transaction Account table,

Bank Transaction History table,

Order Line table,

Invoice Line Link table,

Invoice Line Link Status History table,

Debtor Line Link table,

Debtor Line Link Status History table,

Account Codes table,

External Organisation table,

Commodity Master table,

External Organisation Part Price table,

Division and

System Configuration table.