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Tax Exemption Detail

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This function is used to maintain Tax Exemption Detail per External Organization and will register the Tax Exempt number, Min Tax Amount and Valid Dates.  It can handle multiple Tax Exempt Certificates with Valid Dates linked to selected Organization.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



When a record is added the EXT_ORG_TAX_EXEMPTION_DETAIL Table is updated.


When a record is changed the EXT_ORG_TAX_EXEMPTION_DETAIL Table is updated.

hmtoggle_plus1Minimum Value

The Minimum Value the Organization is registered for Tax Exemption.


The Organization Combo is populated with the name and organization code from the External Organization table.


When a record is deleted the record is deleted from the EXT_ORG_TAX_EXEMPTION_DETAIL Table.

hmtoggle_plus1Tax Exemption Detail Listbox

The Exempt No, Minimum Value, Valid and Valid From will be displayed in the Grid for the selected Organization.

hmtoggle_plus1Tax Exempt Number

This is a unique number allocated to the selected Organization.


If checked the Tax Exempt Certificate is a valid Certificate.

hmtoggle_plus1Valid From

Displays the date from which the Certificate is valid.