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Tax Groups

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External Organizations in different counties will have different Tax Codes. Some External Organizations in one state will sometimes have the same Tax Code. And it is for these situations that this function will enable the user to group External Organizations with the same Tax Group together.


Create a Group by name or number and add some comments to explain the reason and elements that distinguish them from the others.  External Organizations can now be linked to this group using the Debtor's tab in External Organization function.


On selecting a group, all linked External Organizations will be displayed on the second tab.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


Will add the newly created group to the system and will be stored in the Tax Groups table.


Existing Tax Groups can be changed unless it is already linked to an External Organization.


This text box displays the description and other information about the specific Tax Group.


A Tax Group can only be deleted if there is no existing link to an External Organization.

hmtoggle_plus1Tax Group

Tax Group is just a name that can be linked to a group and can be recalled when linking External Organizations together.