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To Do List Category

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This function allows you to create and maintain categories that can be used in your own To Do List to group to do list tasks.

The category can be set to active or inactive.


Employees with the security profile "To Do List Category" will be allowed to inquire/maintain To Do List Categories against your own name only.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



This checkbox enables you to set the selected category to active (checked) or inactive (unchecked). Only active categories can be used on the To Do List function.


This button will add the new category to the To Do List Category Code table.


This field displays the codes used to represent the categories that will be stored in the To Do List Category Code table.


This button saves the latest changes on the To Do List Category Code table.


This button will remove the category record from the To Do List Category Code table. If a category code is used in the To Do List function it cannot be deleted.


This field will display the description of the category selected in the Category field.

hmtoggle_plus1Employee Id

This field is disabled and will display the signed on employee.  The Category created will be linked to this employee name.