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Advanced Settings

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The Advanced Settings tab will allow the user to bypass triggers on insert and update of data or skip certain records.  The Transfer History tab displays transfer history written for imports into the System.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Browse Button

When the  button is clicked, a common dialog box is displayed and the user can select a file where the unsuccessful records are to be shown.

hmtoggle_plus1Bypass System Triggers On Insert And Update

This allows the transfer and deletion of records in the database without doing data integrity checks.




The user must have a security profile linked to the function Transfer Manager with an access allowed of Change.


When the "Change" button is clicked the system checks to see that an import name has been entered and the Transfer Header table is updated with the values entered on the "Advance Settings" tab.

hmtoggle_plus1Insert Records Only

When selected only inserts source records.

hmtoggle_plus1Insert Records And Update Record If Exists

When selected updates target records and where the record does not exist it inserts the source record.

hmtoggle_plus1Last Update

It displays the name of the person who last updated the transfer set.

hmtoggle_plus1Process Every Record

It is a spin control that can have a maximum value of 1000.


When a transfer set name is selected, this spinner defaults to the value of the field Process Every N Records Quantity on the Transfer Header table.  It defaults to 1.

hmtoggle_plus1Process Only Records Excluding Skipped Records


It indicates the number of records to be processed excluding the number of skipped records. It defaults to zero.

hmtoggle_plus1Skip First Records

This spin control can have a maximum value of 1000.  If the  first row  has column names, this row can be skipped, by making the value  1.

hmtoggle_plus1Skip Last Records

This spin control can have a maximum value of 1000. If the last row is summed totals, this row can be skipped, by making the value  1.


This control is only enabled when working with Flat Files.

hmtoggle_plus1Unsuccessful Records To

Before the actual import, all the records are checked for type mismatches (numeric of text only).  The records with type mismatches will be written to the file specified in this field.


The user can enter a file name and does not need to select the file from the dialog box when the  button is clicked.

hmtoggle_plus1Update Records Only

When selected only updates source records where the field is flagged.


When clicked, the unsuccessful records file selected, will be opened in Notepad and the user can view all the records with type mismatches.  It also displays the row number on which the type mismatch occurs.