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Transfer Manager

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The Transfer Manager function provides a powerful tool to integrate with third party software.  This function allows users to insert, delete and update data in the tables or to transfer data between different types of source and destination files.  Data can even be transferred between tables, which are on different servers and databases.


This function is intended for use by advanced users only.  Extreme care should be taken when using this function!  This function can be used during implementation to migrate data, to perform mass updates or to create regular data exports or transfers.


Once the transfer set is defined in the System, it can be executed from the System’s front end (Transfer Manager function) or by using the executable file (QmTransferExe.exe) with the required parameters or by calling the "ExecuteSystemTransfer" method of  the exposed Visual Basic Object, "QMTransfer.SystemTransfer".


The following files types are supported:


1.  Microsoft SQL Server Table


2.  Excel Spreadsheet


3.  Access Database


4.  Delimited (Various Characters and Tab Delimited)


5.  Fixed Width File (As Source Only)


The sequence of the source file fields (columns) can be manipulated to match the target table name's fields (columns).


The Triggers tab allows the user to specify actions to be done before transferring, after successful transferring or after unsuccessful transferring.  Possible actions are to mail somebody to start another transfer or to open the file containing the unsuccessful results.


The Advanced Settings tab will allow the user to bypass triggers on insert and update of data or skip certain records.  The Transfer History tab displays transfer history written for imports into the System.


The Source-Target Mapping  tab allows the user to specify which source column must be transferred to which target column.  Note that fixed values and fixed strings can also be specified.


The Transfer Settings tab is used to define the target and source for the transfer.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Transfer Set Name

The transfer set groups the transfer rules for an import run. It can be reused.


It is populated with transfer set names from the Transfer Header table.


The number of characters to be entered before the list is shown is governed by the value of "populate length" (mandatory).